Wednesday, October 23, 2013

an inspiring mom + a cozy giveaway

(photo by Benjamin Reed, and published here)

When I started this blog, I had two very young children, and a head swirling with recipes. {I still have two young children, and now some of my many recipes are somewhat organized here...} The Full Plate blog was a way of me staying engaged in the world beyond our nest. It was a way of me keeping my pinky toe in "work", while staying home with my children. I felt fortunate that I could make this choice, but I often wondered what my business school classmates were up to those years after we all graduated, especially those who were now moms. The debate over the merits of working and staying home have raged for years. I won't sugarcoat my own feelings: while I wish I could just relax into motherhood, I often feel a tremendous sense of guilt if "all I am is a mom". I want to be a part of something meaningful, and something broader than our family of four. Companies used to covet my skill set, and sometimes I miss that appreciation. On the other hand, I look into the eyes of two kind, confident, empathetic, creative kids, and I feel lucky that I get to witness their growth so closely. I always wonder if-- and how-- some moms make it work... from home. 

So imagine how thrilled I was to read about my Kellogg classmate, Susan Morrow Bell, who seems to be successfully straddling that desire to promote something she believes in, while still being present for her family. It's stories like this one that inspire me, and that I wanted to share with all of you busy moms who have an idea-- or you come across something that inspires you-- and maybe you wonder if it can be done.

I reached out to Susan just to let her know how inspired I was by her business and lo and behold, it turns out she's been a Full Plate fan for a while now {don't make me blush}. After our virtual reunion, Susan generously offered to give one Full Plate reader a pair of her cozy slippers for children (EU sizes 18-34, US sizes 3 baby- 3 youth), wrapped and shipped anywhere in the U.S. What a sweet way to keep your little one cozy as we head into the chillier months, right?

To be entered to win a pair of these cozy, handmade, fair trade, eco-friendly slippers (in a size and design of your choosing) please leave a comment here on the Full Plate blog either letting me know your favorite recipe from the Full Plate blog, or letting Susan know your favorite slipper design! For TWO chances to win, leave a favorite recipe and favorite slipper design. To see the latest Satch & Sol slippers click here

The lucky winner will either be pulled from a hat by one of my kids (if there are just a few entries and their hands won't cramp writing the #s out), or be picked by (if a ton of you enter), on Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 5pm EDT, so share your favorites and tell your friends!


  1. turkey chili

    love the flower slippers

  2. 1. My favorite recipe is definitely your chicken enchiladas. I make them all the time and now have the confidence to adjust them depending on what I have on hand. We love Mexican food and this is always a hit.
    2. (Was I supposed to do this in two separate comments?) I love the moccasin style booties the best, but they are all adorable. My kids are "old" and wear smelly sneakers and flip flops all the time, but I have a beautiful new baby niece who would look adorable in these.

  3. Love the enchilada casserole!!! Love the Greg and also the mustard moccasins!

  4. Enchilada casserole is one of my favs. Love the woly grey flowers mocs!

  5. 1. Chicken enchiladas for sure.
    2. Buttercup maryjanes look perfect.

  6. The enchilada casserole has my vote too!
    I think the sunflower slippers are super cute.

  7. Love the maryjane orange flowers. Thanks!

    mandaoverturf at yahoo dot com

  8. Thank you all for entering! :20 more minutes. Right now, these are the entries:

    #1 - Allison (turkey chili)
    #2 - Allison (flower slippers)
    #3 - Laurakem (chicken enchiladas)
    #4 - Laurakem (moccasin booties)
    #5 - Deborah (enchilada casserole)
    #6 - Deborah (Greg and mustard moccasins)
    #7 - Sima (enchilada casserole)
    #8 - Sima (wooly grey flowers mod)
    #9 - Holly Richardson (chicken enchiladas)
    #10 - Holly Richardson (buttercup maryjanes)
    #11 - tat2gurlzrock (enchilada casserole)
    #12 - tat2gurlzrock (sunflower slippers)
    #13 - manda (maryjane orange flowers)

    Any other entries coming in last minute?

  9. correction-- 1 hour and :20 left to enter!!

  10. I love the Pups. Wish they came big enough for my four year old. And I second (third? fourth?) the enchilada casserole.

  11. We have a winner!!


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