Friday, May 24, 2013

teacher gift idea: homemade dinner delivery

You don't have to stage an incredible Greek play with costumes, sets and script done by the 4th graders to deserve a homemade dinner. Really, I'd be hard pressed to find any teacher who wouldn't love-- and totally deserve-- a night off this time of year.  

Wondering what to whip up? I recently shared a few of my favorite make-ahead meals that you could pass along to a hard-working teacher these last couple weeks of school. Here's what I gifted last night, for those of you who want a bang-up idea:
  • A batch of my (amazing) chicken enchiladas (you could also make them veg, beef, etc). I delivered them frozen at the end of the school day, and told them they just needed to be heated at 350, lid off, for about 45 minutes. 
  • Because they were likely going to be salivating during those 45 minutes while their kitchen is filled with the aroma of homemade enchiladas, I also sent in: 
    • tortilla chips
    • guacamole (actually it was "kaleamole" that I found in the produce section of our local Whole Foods)
    • mango salsa (again, from the produce section at our local Whole Foods)
    • and a jar of one of my favorite salsas
    • If you wanted to make a dip, I'd make this one
  • I purchased a Mexican-themed salad with avocado dressing (from Whole Foods' prepared food section) but if you wanted to make one I'd recommend this one or this one.
  • I was squeezing cooking in in between a few errands, a tennis clinic and a meeting at school, so the second side was super easy and quick, but hearty and healthy enough that it could actually be a complete veg meal. It was kind of a Mexican-inspired variation on this rice/grain recipe and included: Seeds of Change Spanish Style Rice + roasted and then chopped organic zucchini and bell peppers + black beans + pinto beans + zest of a lime.**
  • Oh, and for dessert, I purchased Mexican Wedding Cookies (again, Whole Foods)

** Note that I totally thought I was Supermom, until I opened up the fridge in the evening (for a glass of wine, while my family's batch of enchiladas was cooking away) and realized the rice/quinoa/veg side was still in the fridge. I'd put it in to cool before running everything up to school yesterday afternoon, and completely forgotten it. Arch! So, I am really hoping my son's teachers have leftovers today and the it'll be the gift that keeps on giving with a second meal.... don't take my cape away yet.  

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  1. I need to have your child in my class!! What a thoughtful and totally fantastic teacher's gift!


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