Friday, May 17, 2013

game day snacks

I used to think the parents who started their Saturdays bright and early, filling their car with little uniformed kids, going off to back-to-back games, were crazy. Now I am one. And I still think it's crazy.

But I am doing it because my kids are relishing all of this time on different fields. I will full admit to having no idea of the rules of the games I am spectating, but I do have the snack gig well covered.

Last weekend, I brought along sesame-almonds (from Trader Joe's nut aisle), chunks of cucumber, an apple (currently in the mouth and out of the shot), and some cinnamon letter cookies (also from Trader Joe's). When packing a snack (that has to sustain a 6-year-old for 3 hours of back-to-back tball and soccer practices and games), I try to include:

a fruit + a veggie + a protein + a treat

A quick perusal of my blog and I was reminded of few more favorite snacks that are portable:

Next challenge? Dinners for the bleachers at night baseball games....

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  1. I love getting your emails - especially the ones where you share the recipes! As a working mom of twin 8 year olds (one with special needs) I can use all the help I can get with simple, healthy meal and snack ideas. Thank you! Wish I was closer - I'd join one of your classes! Great job. Thank you. Sarah


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