Sunday, January 17, 2010

My new favorite snack

I have a new favorite snack: KIND’s Apricot-Almond Bar. Seeing as how these KIND bars have won all sorts of awards and gotten lots of press, I may be preaching to the choir. But, I just get so excited when I find something delicious, portable, and good for me too. My children still prefer dried apricots and almonds on their own, but I am totally addicted to this treat.

Speaking of apricots, this morning as I was making a frittata, my little one asked me if “all eggs have an apricot in the middle?”


  1. Looks delicious! Have you tried Perfect Foods Peanut Butter Bar? I find them at the refrigerated section at Fresh Market in Westport. Delicious (and nutritious!) and it was a big hit with my little one!

  2. hilarious! you must have farm eggs with dark orangy yolks, yums yo! i have a bike trailer like yours, if it wasn't for that thing, i'd never exercise!

  3. Grazi, no, I haven't tried that bar yet! Next time I am over that way I'll try to remember to duck in and pick up a few. Thanks for the delicious tip!

    Jenna, yes, totally hilarious. At first when he asked I thought he was confused...then I realized it makes perfect sense. Crack, and there's this apricot colored thing looking up at you from the bowl!

    As for the bike trailer...I'd be run off the road here. But oh how I love that thing when I am out West visiting my parents!!! In the summer I can ride with him for hours in the mountain air, and in the winter we hitch it to the strongest family member and take our little one cross-country skiing. I do hope he won't mind being "captive" one more year...


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