Sunday, December 9, 2012

it's been a little quiet as of late, hmm?

I know. I know. I'm supposed to update this blog "all the time", and lately I'm lucky if it's once a week.  So, tonight I'm playing catch-up while waiting for batch after batch of sugar cookie to come out of the oven (tomorrow's my little one's 6th birthday and he flip-flopped right up to the bitter end between bringing in "Chinese food and vanilla milkshakes" and "Christmas cookies" for his special treat). So, I have a few minutes while some bake and some cool so I thought I'd share a few pics of what's kept me so busy this past week... First, I got a city fix. I love going into the city, and don't go in enough. My latest city find and food crush? These infused salts.  

OK, then these shots are going to excite some of you....

I had an amazing opportunity to meet Allison Page, SVP of Programming at The Food Network, and as a special treat, I also got to poke my head in to the set of Chopped before I jumped back into my car and listened to "Some Nights" about 50 times in a row, playing on every radio station, while I got totally lost. I should just stick to the train.

Then, at the end of last week, I had so much fun speaking on the topic, "Feeding Your Family Well on the Busiest of Days" at New Canaan Country School. I stayed up late the night before making samples of what I was going to be cooking with the participants, so everyone could try the recipes. Leftovers from the class went to Community Plates, which is a phenomenal organization.

Then, yesterday, we threw my little one's birthday bash.... replete with a Tae Kwon Do-themed cake.

My mother-in-law asked what the bunny was doing on it. Try as I may, I don't see a bunny.

And now, I am baking up a storm. The only glitch? Our temporary digs did not come with a rolling pin. Of course I realized this too late to call a neighbor and ask to borrow one, so I'm making do. The next few weeks are promising to be equally as fun-busy, but I have gotten a few requests for lunch box ideas and green smoothies, which I promise to post soon!

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