Monday, December 17, 2012

a gift for our teachers

The post I wrote last week was on the eve of my son's 6th birthday. Each year, I marvel at how much my children have grown, explored, learned, embraced... their little selves so full of joy. And I get to be their mother; a job I cherish. Last Friday, this is where I was during the devastation unfurling a few towns away. In ignorant bliss, I got to watch my newly minted 6-year-old get his 'sea legs' on ice skates. His teachers glided by with outstretched hands, encouraging him to scoot around amongst his friends. Tiny, excited little kids and joyful teachers reveling in the fresh air, before they went back to the classroom. How lucky we are I thought.

And while I am still unable to fully process the immense tragedy, there was some comfort this weekend in settling in with my children to make holiday gifts for the teachers who expertly guide, care for, inspire and love my children.

My children rattled off name after name. So many teachers who play a meaningful role in my children's lives each and every day...

Yes, we are very lucky. May the sweetness of this gift show a little bit of our gratitude. To make truffles for those you love, here is the recipe.

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  1. Awwww . . . cute. What a great idea for a special treat for a teacher!


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