Saturday, November 24, 2012

World's Best Gravy - the secret ingredients

This is how we spent Thanksgiving morning/afternoon. Bliss.

We got home with about 5 minutes to spare, before we were due over at a friends' home for afternoon libations. So, I literally smothered our bone-in turkey breast with butter, grated some orange peel on top, sprinkled some freshly ground salt and pepper over that, surrounded it with fresh sage and onions... popped it in a 450 oven, then off we went. (I ran home once to baste the bird.)

While there I was coaxed into the kitchen "to taste the World's Best Gravy", whipped up by our friend, Henry. I had my doubts. Gravy is gravy, right? And how many of your friends' husbands can cook.... let alone the "World's Best Gravy"?

I am now a believer. The secret ingredient? Espresso. Espresso? Yes, Espresso.

I am popping this up onto the blog so I can remember this gravy the next time I roast a turkey: drippings + a roux + port + curry powder + brown sugar. Amazing. Trust me.

p.s. Looking t what to do with your leftovers? I am making a batch of these pot pies, and I froze the turkey bones so I could make a batch of nutrient-rich bone broth that will morph into comforting soups this winter.


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