Wednesday, May 16, 2012

when you say yes to class snack duty (again)...

Anyone else say yes to class snack duty? And sometimes you are Supermom, threading fruit onto skewers before the school bus pulls up.

But sometimes, you need some store-bought options that are still kid-pleasing, but low effort. Voila!

If you still want to be Supermom, you could bring in all four items for a regular snack smorgasbord. Or, I'd bring in the Snapea Crisps + Kefir smoothie (don't forget cups!) or fresh organic strawberries + Heart-to-Heart cereal if you're looking for pairings. If you want to go healthier than the snapea crisps (because really, they're a chip...) then how about steamed edamame. Kids love that, and many markets sell it already steamed.

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