Friday, May 25, 2012

a (healthy) treat that's worth the effort

I am *that* mom. The one who sees the sign-ups for the 3rd grade gathering, and picks fruit skewers instead of cups or napkins.

In a dizzying line-up of cupcakes, cookies, brownies and other sweet treats, I usually default to the healthiest choice on the list.  I've volunteered to bring mini red fruit skewers for Valentine's Day, longer ones the kids can gallop through the sand holding at beach day. My fruit skewers have graced many a child gathering in past years. And each and every time, they have been gobbled by excited children. The funny thing is, it's such a simple concept, but so wildly exciting for kids. Because really, anything on a stick is fun.

Yes, they take effort. And yes, they cost more than a package of Oreos. But they are worth it.

Worth it, because like Sally over at Real Mom Nutrition, I too let my kids munch on the snack du jour. I am a mom, and a super busy one at that. I never have, and never will, micromanage what another family provides as a treat. I trust that by modeling good eating at home-- and yes, enjoying our own fair share of treats-- my children will grow up able to make healthy choices. I let them excitedly grab cupcakes and cookies.... but you know what? They usually also grab a fruit skewer at the celebration.

And my children are not alone, when there's a healthy-- and fun-- choice. In fact, at last night's 3rd grade gathering, on a table filled with all sorts of gooey goodness, the fruit skewers were all gone.

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