Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i feel great

I did it, and I feel great. If I have to look at another puree I might gag, but I give myself so much credit for being able to get a handle on my own eating habits, while successfully balancing the mealtime needs of my husband and two growing children this first week. For those just starting to read Full Plate, here's what I have embarked on.

The reason it worked was because I prepared as much as I could ahead. This way, my "cleansing" fruit & veggie-based meals were ready, and it was just a simple puzzle of incorporating some of the purees and soups I'd made for myself into their meals. That was my daily breakfast above. No one else was drinking green juice around here. And that's a sample of my daily lunch of gazpacho and a pureed veggie. But here's a snapshot of their meals this week so you get an idea of how I made it work. There's a recurring theme: blueberry applesauce, gazpacho, carrot-parnsip puree, sweet potato-corn puree, vegetable-tofu soup, and on that one burrito plate below that's this decadent chestnut-based concoction affectionately referred to as "chocolate pudding" in the upper left corner.


  1. Eila! I just love & appreciate your blog so much! I just started TA and am on day 2. I also have 2 little boys (19 mos & 3.5) and a hungry husband. I love to cook - this is soooo helpful. THANK YOU! Abby

  2. Good job!! The hardest part about dieting, at least for me, is feeding the family while you're doing it.
    I did a Goop detox last year & it was no easy task! In fact, I ended it a day early :)


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