Wednesday, April 6, 2011

favorite freezer-friendly prepared foods

After yesterday's post, many friends asked me to share some of the freezer-friendly prepared foods I keep on hand. While I am usually really good about stocking the freezer with homemade meals, it just so happened that our freezer was pretty barren when I launched into a few crazy busy weeks of big volunteer projects, and starting this (even more) mindful & healthful living gig. So, some of my freezer case favorites that have seen a lot of table time around here this past week include:

  • van's frozen waffles (I usually stock up on the "organic vitamin boost" one admittedly because I am a sucker for labeling that promises all that...)

  • Rico M. Panadas emapandas (I've swooned about him before, and I'll do it again. This guy has a fabulous product. Partic favs around here are the sweet corn & cheese; chicken; and beef ones.)

  • EVOL burritos (I love that they come in "snack" size (perfect for children) and regular size. I will admit that I am raising wild animals, so anything that can be picked up at mealtime is a bonus.)

  • Whole Kitchen (Whole Food's in-store brand) Chicken Taquitos (again, if you can pick it up or dip it my children think it's fun and it goes down the hatch...)

  • Jolie ravioli (has some weird, gimmicky flavors but my kids enjoy the cheese & broccoli one + the shapes make them exciting-- if you are 4)

  • My older son loved the smoked gouda & pear Nuovo raviolis that was in that one pic from yesterday. (I think it was the beggar's purse shape that he thought was cool...and, deep sigh, perhaps easily picked up)

  • Amy's or Kashi frozen pizzas (who doesn't like pizza? we like Amy's spinach and pesto varieties best and the Kashi roasted vegetable and pesto ones)

  • Amy's or Trader Joe's frozen mac & cheese (nothing like the bright orange stuff in the box)

  • And yes, even if I think they're kind of icky, I let my kids throw hot dogs into the shopping cart on occasion. But usually it's a package of chicken sausages that I always have on hand.

That should provide some inspiration the next time you do your grocery marketing. I'd love to hear about your (relatively healthful) go-to's?


  1. Lindsay PurcellApril 06, 2011

    My favorite is Bell & Evans Gluten Free Chicken Tenders -- so delicious, easy and (relatively) healthy!

  2. Katharine CalderwoodApril 08, 2011

    I second the Bell & Evans frozen chicken (we do the nuggets), not a week goes by without breaking out a box, they are liked by all and guilt-free.

    Also, Trader Joes' frozen french toast (we have French! Toast! Fridays! here to celebrate the end of the week) and their frozen organic blueberries, excellent in pancakes and eaten on their own as a snack.

    I also freeze meatballs, often Palmer's, and Horizon yogurts in a tube (makes snack seem like ice cream).

  3. Jamie MansfieldApril 10, 2011

    Hi Eila, I tried the taquitos and they were quite delicious for both my kids and me, but they are too good to be baked. :) I looked at the box (after the fact) and they are "fried in non-hydrogenated canola oil". Despite that, I am happy to have happened upon your blog!

  4. Jamie, thank you so much for that catch. I've removed the "baked not fried" bit from the post. Appreciate you checking that out, as sometimes I must just dream things are baked not fried!! Still, they are delish.

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