Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I found in the freezer (to save the day)...

We are laying low again today in hopes that staying home will snuff out my little one's sniffle once and for all. Had I known at the beginning of the week that I would not have any "alone" time, and that all pre-holiday errands would be nullified, I might have been a little bit more organized about what I'd tackle around the house. Instead, each day has sort of been a surprise gift of calm. I don't mean for that to sound all tutti fruity, but it really has been a restful week. (I'm trying really hard to be positive folks). The fire is lit, my little one is still in footie jammies, I am making myself "special holiday" coffee by spiking my (not-very-good) homemade brew with a hearty splash of egg nog and dinner is covered. Now that is a beautiful thing. With the exception of lots of cookies, our fridge and pantry are pretty darn bare since I haven't gone to the market all week. However, I came across a perfectly-sized dish of pumpkin cannelloni in the freezer, which we'll have for dinner tonight. And, there were two more family-sized portions I'd tucked away that marathon cannelloni making day before Thanksgiving, and I am pretty sure I just made my neighbors' day handing those off so their Christmas Eve dinners are now covered too.

Here are some of my favorite "freeze some for later" meals. To reheat any of these, simply put the frozen dish into the oven as you are preheating it (to slowly bring it up to the same temp and avoid cracking the dish), then cook the meal for twice as long. So, for example, the cannelloni will now go straight from the freezer into the oven as it's heating up to 350, then I'll leave it in for 1 hour, or until warmed through and top is turning golden.

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