Thursday, December 2, 2010

channeling my inner giada today...

I'm having a little mommy zen moment-- or rather, I am enjoying 10 minutes of downtime and some Parmesan pea dip from today's shoot-- before I launch into the nightly homework + dinner + bath triple header with my children. Today the guys from DBG filmed five more videos, which I know will please those of you who have been asking for more after watching the protein pancake and enchilada ones. We got all five recipes cooked from scratch and filmed in record time, just going to show that you absolutely can have fabulous meals in a snap. Stay tuned for the videos!

Wait a minute, is the crew making fun of my "wink" in the video graphics as they give the farro-butternut squash risotto a test run?


  1. I would bet that they fight to film your show! No one leaves hungry.

  2. Ha! You're funny. Isn't that the truth!!


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