Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Food Crush: Belle Chevre's Breakfast Cheese

I am a happy girl when I get to go to the supermarket...alone. Usually I bring my kids along. They like to ride on the side of the shopping cart (until we get chastised for doing so), and I'll let them choose foods along the way. My boys will eat anything, but eating's not really their thing. Lingering any longer than we have to in the cheese section or the bulk foods aisle is kind of torturous for them. When I get to go to the market alone I savor the time to peek at things I might normally miss.
Today, I found a new item at Whole Foods in Darien that instantly became "crush" status. And those of you who have been following my food crushes know that my recommendations are fabulous (if I might say so myself).

I was picking up some parmesan for the farro-butternut squash risotto I am going to make tonight. (Delicious-- particularly on a cold, rainy Fall day...will post the recipe once I whip that up.) Anyway, right there at eye level were these simple packages that boldly said "honey." and "fig.". I am a sucker for good, clean packaging. "Handmade. All Natural. Award Winning. Belle and the Bees Breakfast Cheese." Breakfast Cheese? Last night I taught a cooking lesson all about healthful, easy breakfast ideas. I'd listed all sorts of ideas for the athletes, but this was one I hadn't thought of: "an incredibly yummy and healthy alternative to cream cheese". Genius.

I picked up one of each. Delicious. Spread on a slice of whole wheat walnut bread, this stuff made me swoon. It seems like all of my "food crushes" have a good story behind them. This one is no different.

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