Sunday, November 28, 2010

a few fabulous ways to use up that turkey!

Well, I wasn't sure it was worth the extra step, but I must say that this year's turkey was my best ever (if I might say so myself). I really do think the brine I made off of The Pioneer Woman's blog made a huge difference. I took detailed notes and photos so I can pass them along to you next year (in advance of the big cook day). But this weekend, I thought it would be most helpful to share my favorite uses for leftover turkey...If you're not up for cooking again just yet, simply shred your leftover turkey and put it in a big zip-loc in the freezer, then bookmark this post for when you decide to re-enter the kitchen!

I have a bunch of tried and true recipes here on the blog that can be made with any turkey meat you may have on hand. These are my six favorites:

Turkey Chili (substitute shredded turkey for the ground turkey)

Hearty Bean Soup with Turkey (simply substitute chunks of turkey for the sausage)

A zesty picadillo made with shredded turkey is a nice counterbalance to the richness of Thanksgiving dinner (and the past few days of leftover stuffing...)

If your pantry is well-stocked then you probably have a seasoning packet you could use for soft tacos (substitute turkey for the pork) or maybe you have one of these great sauces on hand and you can whip up a simple curry.

... and of course, you can always whip up a batch of Chicken Enchiladas with turkey instead. Simply shred the meat and go from there! My recipe varies a little bit each time I make them (depending upon what I have on hand) but here's one and here's another.

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