Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two New Crushes: Frozen Pizza and Laughing Pizza!

It will make my friends who heckled me after seeing my (extremely) organized fridge in the first cooking video feel much better knowing that I not only burned 2 dozen pumpkin muffins this morning (trying to be Supermom and provide a homemade 2nd grade snack, while giving my little one his nebulizer, making breakfast and helping to locate library books), but I also turned the coffee maker on...without a cup. Not once, but twice.

I think I should just stay home today. Relaxing--in theory--but this means I am going to have to rely on what we've got on hand for today's meals. Thankfully, our freezer is stocked with one of my new food crushes: AC Larocco's frozen pizzas. (I know you guys love when I share things that pass muster here that you don't have to actually cook!) I picked two pizzas up on a whim during a recent grocery marketing trip to Shoprite in Norwalk. They were over in the natural foods section of Shoprite (which has other fabulous finds like frozen plantains-- gosh I love that market's ethnic stock.) According to the company's website, Shoprite is the only local place carrying the pizzas right now, but I am going to ask Alex over at Walter Stewart's if they've got space for them too. These pizzas have a very thin crust (don't be deterred by the sprouted grain thing, they are delicious!) and flavorful toppings. My kids loved them. And today, they will save the day!

My second crush of the day is the band Laughing Pizza. Well, the crush isn't exactly mine. It's my 7-year-old son that seems to have a little crush on Emily, the band's energetic (and totally adorable) 14-year-old singer. He would die if I told you that, so let's just keep that between us. In anticipation of the band coming to CT to do a benefit concert for The Tiny Miracles Foundation on November 7, I have let my children takeover my laptop and watch the music videos (over and over and over). This crush is understandable when you watch her rocking out with mom and dad:

It's no wonder that Laughing Pizza is a Parent's Choice award winner. Those of you in NYC can catch the band on Oct 19, 23 or 30th. And friends in CT should definitely come to the show on November 7. For more information on upcoming concerts you can click here.

Hope to see you at the show!

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