Thursday, October 14, 2010

A run on enchilada sauce in Fairfield County...

"The enchiladas were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were literally licking the dish! Thanks! Will definitely make it again! Awesome!"

"I made this tonight for dinner. It's absolutely fabulous! Thank you!"

"...I just watched... we are a GF [gluten free] family so the corn tortillas make this a dish I will make all winter for our weekends. We drive every weekend to Killington and constantly have dinner parties. Keep the links coming. This is fantastic!"

"Wow, congratulations!!!! You look great and make it all seem so easy!"

Rumor has it that there's been a run on enchilada sauce in Fairfield County this week. Is it true that our local market is out of sauce?!!! If you haven't had a chance to see my chicken enchilada video, click here and see what all the excitement is about. Yes, you too, can whip this crowd-pleasing meal up so easily!

Now that you are back in the kitchen, a few of you have asked for a second dish, similar in prep. I don't have another fabulous video for the meal I plan to make after the kids get home from school (pictured above) but I will take step-by-step photos and share them with you this evening...


  1. where can I get the recipe for what is pictured in this post!?! IT LOOKS AMAZING!

  2. Leah, promise to post soon! Went to make it and realized I was missing the whole wheat penne so went for lasagna instead...but it's a great vegetarian recipe, worth sharing, so will pass along shortly!


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