Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Veggie-based entree ideas perfect for spring-- and the whole family!

Tonight I am making a baked mac & cheese, using whole wheat penne and spinach. If it’s a winner, I’ll post the recipe. In the meantime, for those who have asked for more veggie-based, family-friendly entrees these are some of my favorites for springtime:

Citrus-y Black Beans: while I usually make these beans as a side (with my decadent chicken enchiladas), they can also make a colorful veggie-based entrée. Think of it as a family taco night, minus the meat and fried taco shells. Put bowls of various toppings out for the kids (and adults) and let everyone concoct their own bowl of rice and beans (pictured above). Topping ideas: yellow rice + the citrus-y black beans + avocado chunks + organic corn + chunks of tomato + diced bell pepper + sour cream + shredded cheddar + salsa + baked tortilla chips.

Greens & Cheese Pie: I love, love, love this entrée. This just might be what I whip up for my cook day next Wednesday.

Homemade Pesto: is great in so many ways: on pasta, drizzled over grilled veggies, mixed into a quinoa salad. In addition to this nut + basil one that I like to make a big batch of and freeze, I made a nutritious and delicious Broccoli/Hazelnut Pesto last week. Stay tuned for that recipe.

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