Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing Full Plate's Picks!

Great news for all you friends out there who have asked me for kitchen product recs. I finally culled through the dizzying array of offerings and made a "Full Plate's Picks" store on Amazon. All of the products in the online storefront are ones I have used consistently, are budget-friendly, include free "Super-Saver Shipping", and are processed through Amazon for peace of mind.

Those of you who have taken my cooking lessons know that I think less is more. If you’ve got ample counter space and a fridge, oven and some burners that work…you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment.
But, there are a few key tools that I think every cook should have in their home kitchen. So, if you’re husband is looking to buy a Mother’s Day gift idea (to augment the macaroni necklace), you could suggest that these are gifts that just might give back!

For those looking to step up the workout between now and bathing suit season…but who can’t seem to get out of the house between morning and afternoon naps (or who's child is home sick several days in a row, achem), here are my favorite in-home workouts. No excuses now!

And, for those who need more recipes than I can give or are in the market for some pretty cookbooks to stash in your kitchen island bookshelf, here you are.

Last but not least, in time for summer travel and longer, lazier (yeah, right!) days, a couple books I have read lately (when I force myself to stay awake) inspired me to share some of my favorite reads under the store's Book Club header. (The one pictured above is a must read for all of us stay-at-home moms.)

I hope you enjoy this Full Plate Pick's storefront! (My kids thoroughly enjoyed watching TV all afternoon while I put it together.)

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  1. I'm so going to order that first book by Trisha...about to be a mum so who knows what I'll be serving up!

    Lovely blogging as usual! xx


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