Friday, February 12, 2010

Look what's local!!

Look what’s local! In addition to being thrilled to see (my now beloved) Rico M. Panada’s carried at Walter Stewart’s Market right here in New Canaan, I stumbled upon these wonderful heart shaped gingersnaps (perfect for this Valentine’s weekend!) when I went in to stock up on (those fabulous) Sonoma Tortillas in anticipation of some fish tacos and black bean breakfast burritos this weekend.

The ShaSha gingersnaps were a big hit with my two little ones and their friend who’d come over to play. According to the package, they contain “no refined sugar, trans fat or dairy”. I’m a fan of everything in moderation, but still it’s nice to find a store-bought cookie that’s on the healthy side. (If you’re there looking for them, I found them in the end aisle display by the Valentine’s candies…which is good because I wasn’t trolling the cookie aisle. Oh, and they’re on sale today too—probably in recognition of their timely heart shape.)

As for the empanadas, race over to pick some up before they sell out! Stewart’s is carrying: the Beef, Chicken Pot Pie, Black Bean & Beet, Sweet Corn and Cheese, and Red Beans & Rice varieties. My children’s favorites are the Sweet Corn and Cheese and the Chicken Pot Pie ones. My husband and I are partial to the Beef and Black Bean & Beet ones. The only reason we're not fans of the Red Bean & Rice one is because we haven't tried them yet! I stocked up because they’re such a perfect healthy dinner, paired with a salad or some fruit, on a busy night.

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