Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We've Arrived

We made it, after a brutal (understatement) day of travel that involved 4 airports and too many mechanical problems, delays, and standby experiences for one mom trying to stay sane traveling solo with little ones. During this adventure, my children's three meals were mainly peanuts, Biscoff cookies and cranberry juice. They didn't complain, but it's no wonder they were both clamoring for Meme's oatmeal this morning. Then again, they usually inhale the stuff. What is it that makes her oatmeal so much better than mine? While I am out West I'll be sure to have Meme share some of her cooking methods and recipes so I can share them with you. But right now I need to see if Delta has located our baggage...


  1. Hi Eila! Just a friendly 'Hello' from Dan at Emily's pet project, KitchenMonki.com :) Chicken Fajita and Black Bean recipe was wonderful btw ;) Cheers!

  2. Molly Van WagenenJanuary 05, 2010

    Hi Eila - We're looking forward to meeting you with the Y divers at the end of the month. I make the irish oatmeal for myself and my children - but I add a cinnamon stick, a cut up apple (with skin on) and a handful of golden raisins at the beginning of the cooking time (for 1 cup oats). We like to use dried cranberries or fresh pomegranate seeds as a topping. Also - Costco now has Eli's health loaf - no more having to buy 4 slices at a time from Aux Delices for the price of a loaf in the city. Thanks! -Molly

  3. Hi Molly - Your version of the oatmeal sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. We're in kind of a cranberries/cinnamon/vanilla pattern over here. I tried freeze fried strawberries this week and was asked "not to mess up the oatmeal". Nice. Tomorrow maybe I'll try "messing it up" with apple/cinnamon stick!


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