Sunday, August 23, 2009

"If no one's in the kitchen, who's to see?"

Last night I got to see the movie "Julie and Julia". While I attempted twice to read the book, Julia and Julia, I could never get through the first chapter. But the movie was fun. (Shocking, I know, that I would love a movie about food and/or Julia Child…) Afterwards, we went to local French place, Bistro 44, because what other kind of food would you crave after a movie like that? The chef/owner, Alain, cooked a scrumptious dinner for our out of town guests one of the nights leading up to Jeff and my wedding celebration—wow, was that really that many years ago? Anyway, Alain still has his way with food, and the Bordeaux, escargot, halibut in lobster sauce (with a side of pommes frites, of course) and floating island were a perfect way to end a night of babysitting.

If any of you are caught up in the Julia wave these days, I highly recommend “Appetite for Life – The Biography of Julia Child”. In addition to being a phenomenal cook, the background of how Julia got to be this icon of fine food is so interesting...particularly since Julia didn’t even start cooking until she was 40 and her TV career didn’t take off until she was in her fifties! So, for all you moms wondering what to do when your little ones head off to school, imagine all of the possibilities for your second career!

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