Monday, July 6, 2009

Exploring with a 2-year-old, Day 1

Today was my older son's first day of Farm Camp. So, while he worked in Stone Barn's "dooryard garden", collected fresh eggs (which he "thinks went to the restaurant...some really big kitchen next to the silos?" yep, little fellow you procured the eggs that some ridiculously lucky diner will be enjoying), harvested garlic ("which grows in the ground and is about this big" he says with his little hands), baked fresh muffins with the berries they picked and romped around the grounds all day longwith other little people...

I took our little one on an all day adventure, using Dobbs Ferry as our launching point. We visited Old Croton Aqueduct State Park where we oogled the Hudson (remember, we're land-locked in New Canaan). We also stumbled upon Memorial Park, which has nice play equipment and a wading pool for the little ones.

After a picnic lunch, we walked back down to the river and the Dobbs Ferry train station and hopped on a train heading north, taking it to the end of its' run. The view from the train was amazing. Good entertainment for $2.50. I can't remember the name of the town we ended up in, but it was nothing to write about. So, we bought a ticket heading the opposite direction and stopped in Tarrytown, NY for some homemade ice cream from Main Street Sweets.

Our bellies full, our noses a little sunburned, we hopped back on the train in Tarrytown to end our journey back in Dobbs Ferry. This photo is of us riding under the Tappan Zee Bridge...pretty neat. Four more days of camp, four more adventures to be had!


  1. this camp program sounds great! Are you taking your son there every day from New Canaan?

  2. Yep, it takes about 40 minutes door to door. Kind of a shlep, but it's such a unique, special place that I thought it was worth it for 1 week! It's too far for me to go back and forth back and forth, so that's why we've been coming up with Hudson Valley adventures daily...

  3. It sounds great and the camp program is so special that it is sure worth the travel. I might do this in a few years (my daughter is almost 3 now)!


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