Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tonight's "Rainbow Plate", and dinner for us too

Children are supposed to have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but as we all know getting them down the hatch can be a real challenge for parents. We use a “rainbow plate” game at our home. At each meal, my children count the colors on their plate. This creates excitement and a desire for colorful foods including a variety of fruits and vegetables which are a natural source of color.

Tonight's dinner included: "taco turkey" (ground white meat turkey + our favorite taco seasoning and chopped onions sauteed together), a whole wheat wrap rolled up with melted cheese, a cilantro yogurt dip (store bought this time, from TJ's), green grapes, plus peaches, tomatoes and cucumbers from our CSA. I plan to have pretty much the same thing-- I'll make a salad with the cucumbers and tomatoes + some lettuce from our CSA, chopped avocado drizzled with some lemon, a scoop of the turkey, some shredded cheese and I can thin the yogurt dip by whisking it with a little milk for a creamy dressing. Easy meal that pleases both my kids and us parents! (Black beans would have been a good addition too, but I forgot to put them out!)

My little one just jumped out of the tub, saw the picture and excitedly announced, "I just ate that mama!" My free time comes to a screeching halt....time for bedtime stories!

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