Tuesday, January 24, 2012

prepping ahead: roast a turkey breast

I've mentioned prepping vegetables and fruit in past posts. Bowls of cut-up fruit and veggies stored in the fridge guarantee that I can easily ensure a fruit or veggie on every plate. And I usually have some sort of grain on hand, already cooked (usually quinoa...I never trust that it's really going to puff up that much and always make way too much). When I roast vegetables, I always try to prepare more than we're eating at that meal, so extras can be on hand to go into frittatas, scrambled eggs, enchiladascurries, whatnot. And lately, I've been into cooking a large bone-in turkey breast and then tucking the shredded meat away in the freezer, to use in meals the following month or two. This was a major bonus when we could make pot pies a month after Thanksgiving, and tonight I was able to pop a bag on turkey into the pot with other ingredients and have an amazing homemade soup made in a half hour.

I recommend brining your turkey breast. It really does make a difference, and it's not much extra work (just plan ahead time-wise), especially since you're doing the cooking once, and then reaping the rewards for many meals to come. I choose to just do a breast. You may prefer to roast a whole bird for even more meat. Either way, here's a good roasting guide. It's helpful to shred the meat after cooking, and then package it in single-meal portions. This way you can simply grab what you need, without thawing the rest.

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