Friday, January 27, 2012

wondering about the new USDA School Food standards?

Earlier this week, new USDA School Food Standards were announced. For many parents, this is a hot button topic. Here are two excellent articles describing the new standards. Bettina, over at The Lunch Tray, always provides a thoroughly researched synopsis of the latest school food news, infused with a (very reasonable) parent's perspective. While she too believes this a a big step forward, she raises a natural question of attainability for all. Marion Nestle thinks there was "near universal applause". As a mom who packs a few days a week for one of my children (who is not old enough for his school's cafeteria), and has another child who thoroughly enjoys the offerings from his (independent) school cafeteria, I am thankful we have the resources and a school lunch program that is a local model of excellence. As parents, we can feel confident about the fruits, veggies, and healthy entrees we provide our children for breakfast and dinner at home...this is a big step towards feeling just as confident about what they are consuming in their school lunches.

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