Tuesday, April 22, 2014

another rave review… and more bonus hours to relish

Shhh… it's been quieter than normal around here because I've been doing a little digital detox while I am treating myself to round two of Dr. Hyman's 10 Day Detox {if you're curious about my first experience, click here}. But, I just had to pop on to share a recent rave review of my Stock Your Freezer in a Snap Program.

Trust me when I say that having a stocked freezer is the key to happiness when spring sports roll around. Last night, after a back-to-back school baseball game, then a town baseball team practice {and a wildly exciting tour of various playgrounds for my younger child}, I put some of our frozen "Power Pesto" into play. The kids had decadent Power Pesto Grilled Cheeses and my husband and I had {detox-friendly} baked cod {which I defrosted before heading out to the games} with a nice thick crust of this pesto. Both baked while homework was getting done and I was restoring order to the laundry room {not the sexiest use of my "bonus hour", but a necessary one}. Anyway, delish. And it sure beats take-out.

Want to learn how to make a big batch and freeze it too? I walk you, step-by-step, through shopping, cooking, freezing and thawing nourishing meals, like this Power Pesto, in my Stock Your Freezer in a Snap Program.

For a limited time, my Stock Your Freezer in a Snap Program is being offered at 50% off, to encourage even more moms to give it a try! Click here to find out more, and to order the instantly downloadable program that wins rave reviews.

P.S. No, that's not cod. That's Chicken with a Pesto Crust. In my haste to fold something like 14 loads of laundry, I forgot to take a photo of our Pesto Crusted Cod. But, the next time we make it {since it will definitely stay in the spring rotation being so easy and delicious} I'll try to remember to snap a pic for you all.

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