Monday, February 3, 2014

{I was ready for} Days 5, 6, and 7 of the Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox

I started writing this post on Friday, then decided to do a little digital detox as well. But the post that was in my draft folder started with, "Day 5 is even better. I am full of energy, and feel like I can take on the world."

So, I'm back, and it's Day 8!! And it's funny, the time has truly flown. I'm actually a little bit sad that the official 10 days ends mid-week, because I never thought that I could 'heal' my body this quickly, and I am excited to keep going. I mean, don't get me wrong-- I am thrilled I feel so good. But I also wonder what will happen after the 10 days are up, since this has been such a clear way of enacting change?

Someone on the full plate blog's Facebook page today asked "So, you've been pleased...satisfied. Timing and cost of preparation. Are you allowed to disclose this?"  And my answer is a resounding "yes!". Yes, I am pleased. Yes, I am definitely satisfied. But I'd also answer an honest "yes" to the amount of time required to really commit and do the 10 days. And, yes, real food costs more than processed food. Pathetically, that's a fact. As for what I'm allowed to disclose, I can tell you anything I want about this program. I'm not being paid to endorse it, I was simply given an opportunity to participate fully in it and review it. From Dr. Hyman's standpoint, I'm sure he and his team hope the experience would be successful and that I'd write nice things about it to spread the word! Well, they hit the jackpot with this mom because I feel amazing, and am now a firm believer that it is possible to completely change the way one feels, and in turn, hopefully set the course for continued health, weight management, and positive outlook long after the 10 days are up.

I want to share a bunch of photos with you all {food porn if you will}, but first, if you're just joining me and would like to catch up on the other 10 days to date, here are the links:

OK, so last weekend we were heading out of town as a family… and I can assure you that after turning that corner between Days 1 and 2, starting to feel better Day 3, and then feeling GREAT on Days 4 and 5, the last thing I wanted to do was undo all of the hard work I'd put into following Dr. Hyman's plan to a t.    

So, I woke up Friday morning with a plan. I laid out all of the Friday, Saturday, Sunday recipes and started cooking. The smoothies, which took me several minutes to make at the beginning of the detox {since I was constantly glancing back and forth to the recipe}, were now becoming more rote. I made two big containers of them to tote on our trip.

Lunches were at the ready, since I had made big batches of the Green Goddess Broccoli-Arugula Soup and the Chicken Soup for the Cause earlier in the week. While I knew I could opt for a salad + protein instead, knowing these were on hand {and were delicious} alleviated any chance of me getting to lunchtime and just grabbing whatever was around because I suddenly found myself hungry.  

So, all I had to do was quickly whip up the three dinners, and I'd be able to stick to my {delicious} detox all weekend away. 

Friday {Day 5}'s, choices were Herb-Crusted Chicken Breast with Roasted Garlic or a Roasted Cod with Fennel and Leeks. The latter recipe sounded delicious, with fennel, leeks, garlic, tomatoes, herbs and kalamata olives… but we were going to be eating in shifts on Friday, so I decided the chicken recipe would be a better bet. 

Once roasted, the chicken was served over a bed of asparagus and wilted greens. Everyone in my family loved this recipe. You're seeing one of my children's plates above. I don't normally cut my husband's food up for him…

Saturday {Day 6}'s choices were Baked Cod with Olive and Caper Pesto or Almond-Flax Crusted Chicken. Again, while the cod recipe sounded delicious and easy, I opted for the chicken one, since my children are not big fish eaters {yet}… and there's nothing that makes a vacation weekend come to a screeching halt faster than when you have to become a short-order cook.

I thought I snapped a photo of my plate, that was loaded up with the delicious veggies and some of the chicken {that I think is my favorite recipe so far-- soooo good!!}, but apparently I just took two different pics of the plates that included Seeds of Change Seven Whole Grains blend. Oh well, use your imagination, close one eye, or hold your hand over the pilaf, if you want to know what my plate of deliciousness looked like.

Anyway, that recipe was another hit. {Even if nothing else were to come out of this detox, I'd have a bunch of fabulous new recipes that my family has loved!! But fortunately, that's not the only upside of these 10 days. It might have been a post-workout high, but I think my scale winked at me this morning.}

OK, so back to the recipes. Last but not least, we were going to be rolling home just in time to go to a Superbowl Party. Yes, I am doing this detox And I know what you are thinking… you're thinking that maybe I was feeling so good that I'd just have one little pig in a blanket. Maybe one itty bitty rib. Maybe just a corner of a brownie. 

Don't get me wrong-- my weekend was full of temptations. Who wouldn't want a nice glass of red while sitting by the fire after a full day of skiing?

And the cupcakes I picked up as a treat for the kids? Oh look! They are gluten-free! Maybe I could have one! {Hello "health halo"…}

But no, not during the 10 days. These 10 days were really about clearing the decks and only filling my body with simple, nourishing foods. A chance to re-set cravings, and re-prioritize what I put into my body. Does that mean that I'll never have a cupcake? No. But 10 days of not having sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine, or alcohol, really makes a difference in how I feel, and so I'll probably be more mindful when making food choices after these 10 days. And you guys have seen what I can have. When I reminded myself of all of that goodness, and how good I feel eating this way, I was able to feel satisfied with what I was enjoying.  

So back to that Superbowl issue though! Because, yes, it's an "issue" if you love food, and you know the party you're going to is going to have really good food, just not food that's detox-friendly…. 

Sunday {Day 7/Superbowl}'s choices were: Roast Chicken Breast with Rosemary or Beef with Bok Choy. Two out of the four of us love beef, but again, I was weighing outside factors into my menu planning… and knowing I was going to be adding my dish to a smorgasbord of Superbowl fare, including beef chili, I opted for chicken. Again.

I marinated the chicken on Friday and roasted it, along with a big sheet of organic tomatoes, zucchini and onions, just before we left town. 

When we got home, all I had to do was slice the chicken breast, fan it around the veggies and off we went to the Super bowl party! Oh, I also brought along a container of the Tahini Dip and Spinach-Walnut Pesto I made on Day 1 so others could try them. 

And this is what I feasted on at the Superbowl party. Yes, I skipped the beer, wine, delicious chili with all the fixins, and gooey brownies. But I enjoyed a fabulous plate of food, and went to sleep content in the knowledge that these 10 days are truly a gift I am giving myself. 

Note: I was given an advance copy of The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detoxand given the opportunity to participate in daily calls with Dr. Hyman, and/or an RD from Dr. Hyman's staff, and a life coach from The Handel Group, as part of my chance to review the book. I was not compensated in any other way for participating in the program, and all opinions are my own. The above links will take you to Amazon. When you click, it takes you to their website, and anything you purchase there will help support swellmom and the full plate blog. Thanks in advance for the support.

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