Thursday, April 11, 2013

fiddlehead ferns with lemon-horseradish yogurt dipping sauce

This CA girl can honestly say I'd never tried a fiddlehead fern until this week. Since they don't thrive where it's warm year-round, I had an idyllic childhood, but no fiddlehead ferns! Having lived in the Northeast for several years now, I've seen them pop up in the produce section just for a few weeks each spring, but I never had the confidence or know-how to prepare them. This week, I decided to give them a whirl. Most recipes call for blanching them and then sautéing, but I knew my 6-year-old would be somewhat suspect.... and serving things with a dip usually garners at least a taste of something new. So, I blanched them and then served them room temp with a yogurt dipping sauce. Delish. Click here for the fiddlehead and dip recipe I shared with our local, family-owned market.

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