Friday, March 8, 2013

announcing SWELLMom spring cooking classes!

The time has come! Our kitchen is *almost* done, so I can (finally) say “yes” to all of you who have been asking for hands-on cooking lessons!! 

SWELLMOM Cooking Lessons:
How to feed your family well on the busiest of days… 
and still leave time to take care of yourself
(because no one wants a cranky mom come dinnertime)

This is the chance for just a few lucky (if I might say so myself!) moms (or dads) to enjoy in-person cooking lessons from yours truly. As a former personal chef, certified health coach, and fellow busy mom (who gets that you don’t have all day to hang out at the burners), the goal of these lessons is to teach you simple, healthy recipes that you can quickly + easily recreate at home. While the classes are fun—by all means, sign up with your friends if you’d like-- understand that these classes are the real deal. You’ll be doing the cooking, with my expert guidance. I want you to go home and feel 100% comfortable that you can recreate these recipes for your families.

For specific questions, to check availability, be placed on a wait list, or to inquire about private cooking lessons please email me. Class descriptions and current dates are as follows {class availability updated as of Wednessday, April 24}

“I Know I’m Supposed To Be Eating More Leafy Greens, But…”
We all know we are supposed to be eating more leafy greens, but how many salads can you assemble?! This class will teach you some of my favorite, family-friendly, quick + easy ways to serve up leafy greens including: green smoothies, make-ahead breakfasts, power-packed pesto, and more.
Tuesday, April 23rd (10am-noon)  - FULL!! - wait list only
or Wednesday, April 24th (9-11am) - FULL!! - wait list only    

Take Me To The Mediterranean!
Hearing all the buzz about the benefits—and deliciousness—of a Mediterranean Diet? Let me teach you simple, family-friendly recipes that highlight fresh spring vegetables, whole grains, and protein-rich legumes. Drawing on my Professional Certificate in Healthy Cooking from the Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone campus-- but balanced with my first-hand knowledge that busy moms need snacks and meals that are quick and easy (and sometimes portable!)-- I will help you add in healthy, delicious, Mediterranean-inspired snacks and meals into your family’s repertoire in no time.
Tuesday, April 30th (10am-noon) - 2 spots open!
or Wednesday, May 1st (9:30-11:30am) - FULL!! - wait list only 

Getting Back to Swell – Clean Eating 
A few times a year, our bodies just need a break. We may feel sluggish, a little ornery, maybe a tad bit bloated... Busy parents, let’s set aside some time for you and have you heading into summer feeling swell again. As a Holistic Health Coach, former personal chef, and a busy mom (who, yes, has felt a little sluggish, ornery and maybe a tad bit bloated in the past!), I understand the desire to feel good, and the need for meals to be simple to prepare. I will be sharing my 1-week clean eating meal plan, and we'll gather in my kitchen to make sure you are comfortable whipping up some of these nourishing "clean" recipes up in your own home kitchen.  We’ll focus on delicious—and simple—preparations of fruits, vegetables, and plant-based foods + good fats. This is a delicious way to get back to feeling swell before summer kicks off.
Tuesday, May 7th (10am-noon) - FULL!! - wait list only 
or Wednesday, May 8th (9:30-11:30am) -  1 spot available
Classes are held in New Canaan, CT. Each class includes 2-hours of hands-on instruction, all cooking equipment, all groceries, generous samples of each recipe, and special take-home gifts; maximum 6 participants/class. You may block out a class date with friends, or sign up as an individual and meet a nice group of moms and dads who also interested in bolstering their healthy cooking skills. 

Introductory pricing is $150/person/class. 

Please email me ( for availability and more information on discounts. Please note that classes will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis, and payment is due within 72-hours of confirmed enrollment to hold your spot(s). 

I am so excited to have the chance to cook with many of you soon!

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