Friday, January 25, 2013

baby it's cold outside.... a perfect chance to cozy up and learn to cook something new

Wow, it is cold in CT!! A perfect time to cozy up and do something special inside. For my readers in CT/NY/NJ, I came across a couple of special chances to gather with friends and cook up a storm these next few weeks:


  1. It's cold here in Michigan, too. Not sure if it will ever stop snowing. I love to take advantage of the cold weather and try new dishes, too. With a family to feed and owning two different businesses, time is always an issue, so I love to find great short-cuts! I still want to retain that homemade feeling for my family, so I utilize a lot of the Lipton soup mixes, and have recently discovered some French sauces that are available online at My family loves the recipes I have tried, and I’ve enjoyed the preparation. Just a happy customer and thought I would share.

  2. Jeanette, thank you for sharing that lead! I love when I can find shortcuts too.... the only thing I'd be mindful of is sodium with prepared soup bases. It's one of those hidden items! Lately, I've made chicken stock over the weekend and frozen it in quart containers as a super healthy alternative to store-bought broths. Granted, it takes several hours to make.... but I find that if I do it once/month on a lazy Sunday I end up with the amount needed to use in the month ahead.


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