Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 new food crushes: treats to keep in my purse

This is a quick post because I am fully immersed in an Autumn detox where I am enjoying whole foods... but no sugar, dairy, meat or gluten for a little bit. Our family meals have been delicious and filling, and I have allocated my free time to crossing things off my to-do list, and really taking care of myself.  Doing a re-set like this makes a world of difference in my life.

OK, so real quick-- In the course of this detox, I came across two new food crushes that I want to share. I found both of these at our local Le Pain Quotidien when I met a girlfriend for bday lunch. I did a little searching and you can also buy the energy mix pictured up top directly from the Chukar site here or on the REI site. The one I love is called "Nuts Over Bings". It's a simple combination of dried cherries, pecans, cashews, almonds and a bit of salt and has quickly become the snack I pop in my purse in case I am hungry and out and about. 

They also sell a spendy (but totally worth it, if you're looking for a healthier *treat*) granola bar. Made by Westport, CT-based Nothin' But which sells their yummy bars a lot of places in CT/NY. I've tried some of Nuthin' Buts other bars, but this one is definitely my favorite. The bar pictured above is made with: organic oats, cranberries, raisins, currants, hazelnuts, almonds, honey, olive oil, organic coconut, almond flour, almond butter, brown sugar, quinoa puffs, vanilla, sea salt and cinnamon.

I am wishing it didn't have the added sugars, so I could enjoy it this week. But, it's good to know that a delicious alternative exists to the 'junk' I sometimes pick up when I am craving something sweet!


  1. If the Nuts Over Bing didn't have cashews, I'd go for it! Like you, I always keep snacks in my purse. I usually just fill a baggie with almonds or pistachios, along with a little tin of dark chocolate. :)

  2. I think it would be awfully easy (and cheaper and easier to access for people like me who live in a Tiny Town) to make my own version of Nuts Over Bing. I love the combo of just about any salted nut/dried fruit.

  3. Hi Lori!
    Sure, you can certainly make this yourself at home. The reason this was one of my new "food crushes" was because it was something healthy I could purchase when out and about! But yes, by all means, grab some dried Bing cherries and nuts of your choice, whip up a batch, parse it into little baggies, and enjoy!


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