Sunday, April 1, 2012

making an "adult dinner" child-friendly

Last week, I told you we had this amazing salad for dinner. That post generated a few emails from friends who asked "if my kids really ate that for dinner?". In its' original iteration, it's a loaded Chinese chicken salad. But even that original recipe had too many ingredients for me, so I simplified it a bit. And while the ingredients themselves might be child-friendly, I don't know many kids who relish arriving to the dinner table to find a big entree salad served up. So....

voila! Here's the secret to how I get my kids to eat what we might all consider "adult" meals. I don't do any extra prep for them, I simply dish the ingredients out separately for them as I am tossing our salad ingredients into a big bowl.


  1. You are a mommy who knows what she's doing!! Love this idea. I serve foods separately and my kids help themselves...but they are older.

  2. Smitty's GirlApril 02, 2012

    Great idea. We have had some successful "tastings" with some plates I found that have dividers. (Similar to the illustration.)

    Also, there are a few veggies that go down without a fuss if I take a moment to chop them in sizes easier for little fingers to handle. (I leave little "handles" on raw broccoli cuts etc)

    Along similar lines: I am looking for a container for several little items and a dipper when we are on the go. It is kind of bulky taking 3-4 teeny weeny containers and a dipping medium in a lunch bag. By the time I get it all out.. the siren call of the junk other mom's bring is already drawing his attention! So any fellow mommy ideas on that dilemma would be much appreciated. (Ways to divide containers, including dipping stuff etc.)


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