Sunday, December 4, 2011

what the elf's been up to, days 2-4

It has come to my attention that we have some children following our elf. And quite a following he apparently has, after 2 short days of antics. This poses a little challenge, as I sometimes shared how I thought he ended up in these pickles or why he wrote the notes he did.... hmmm. So, to preserve the elf's antics, from here on out, you'll just have to read the notes back and forth and come up with your own back story....

He will continue to make my kids giggle in amazement at how naughty he can be...

and he will uphold standards more similar to mine-- than to theirs-- when it comes to clean-up and the like.

My kids know that as mundane as he may look, his messages may appear any place...and I mean any place, including a Metro North train into NYC.

And should any child (or parent) wonder if Jack and Ollie's mom is just pretending and making up this elf stuff, you explain how our elf made his own skates and put on an ice show while we were in the city all day...?!?!

Clearly, my kids still believe. Completely.

20 more elf days.

Lucky elf. Happy swimming little guy.

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