Monday, August 8, 2011

homemade egg sandwiches with pesto

So....I wouldn't say that I am exactly relaxed, nor am I refreshed. I think I was mid-way through our 5th year at family camp, but suffice it to say that re-entry with a sick little one is no fun.

Pair sleep deprivation and day time worry with the fact that no one is making my three meals a day, and well, that explains the fact that I am a tad disillusioned. I did, however, nail our first breakfast back: homemade egg sandwiches that were both comforting and delicious made with what we had on hand when we returned home:

whole wheat English muffins
eggs, fried or poached
Gouda cheese, sliced thin
pesto (I have a new food crush on these LeGrand packs of pestos and sauces)

Since the photo above doesn't look like much, here's a peek inside to the gooey deliciousness...

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  1. Ooooh egg, cheese and pesto on a sandwhich, yes please!!


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