Monday, July 11, 2011

summer lunchboxes

So, not having packed lunches all school year, I'm finding this summer task a bit of a, well, task. Anyway, I've got a few more weeks of this, so I thought I would pop a few photos of what's made the lunchboxes's definitely not my most creative culinary adventure, but the lunchboxes come home relatively empty, and the kids are happy, so it's all good.

Above: squeeze applesauce + crispy wheat crackers + grapes + salami + yogurt pretzels for a treat (and I hadn't taken the milk box out of the freezer yet)

cream cheese & jam sandwich + juice + a banana + pepper swords + a hard boiled egg

lemonade + applesauce + apples + alphabet cookies + a cream cheese & jam sandwich

ham & cheese sandwich + pasta & peas + (soy) pudding for a treat (which came back home in the lunchbox....) + pepper & carrot swords + chunks of cantaloupe

frozen tube of yogurt + water + cream cheese & jam sandwich + pepper swords + animal crackers for a treat

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