Wednesday, February 2, 2011

where did that package end up?

To say that we're buried would be an understatement. But, I am raising two little Northeasterners who relish the weather and still find joy no matter how messy it gets. So yesterday I mustered up enthusiasm and went out into the icy stuff to build a snow fort with them this sixth snow day of 2011. And not just any snow fort. This was an igloo. Anyway, sometime during the shoveling, packing and scraping the Fed-Ex guys pulled up.

Fast forward to after slip sliding in, drying off, hot baths, cozy PJs and a warm dinner...

"Hey, does anyone know what happened to that package?!"

"I think it's in our igloo mom!"


But I must say, it was worth trekking back out for the package. A company called Berkshire Grain offered to send me samples (yes, for of the perks of this blog!). I like free stuff as much as the next busy mom but told them I would only write about their product if my kids-- and I-- genuinely liked it. Lucky for them, the granola was a total hit!

They sent two kinds: Cinnamon Toast and Cranberry-Pumpkin Seed. I snuck a taste last night and found it totally different than this granola or this granola that I make. I am sort of partial to my homemade stuff, but the reality is that I get around to making granola about every 6 months, so having a good store bought option is a bonus.

We were up bright and early and the boys had fun making up a scoring system... and yes, my little one was very concerned that no one taint-- or take-- his granola during the taste test.

The favorite was unanimous: Cranberry-Pumpkin Seed, earning a capital "G" for VERY good. (Neither one was as keen on the Cinnamon Toast one, which is interesting since they both like cinnamon?) Anyway, we've enjoyed the granola throughout the day as a snack and depending upon how long my "5 o'clock mommy playdate" over at the neighbor's goes, I just might serve up some yogurt-granola parfaits for dinner. Actually, that sounds really good. That's definitely going to be the plan.

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  1. Eila, thanks so much for the taste test experiment with your family. Not sure what the weather is calling for however we will conducting taste test experiments at Stew Leonards in Norwalk this Friday Feb 4, 12-6pm, and Saturday Feb 5,10am-4pm. We will be offering samples of our Hot Granola, and Yogurt w/Granola. Please come by and say hi.


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