Friday, July 23, 2010

This week in lunches...

This photo pretty much sums up mornings here. Granted, this was taken minutes before we all pile into the car to go to camp (or Camp Mom as the case may be with my little one). They've been awake for hours at this point, and have enjoyed the peace and quiet of the morning and are ready to head out. I have sucked down a cup of coffee, made breakfast, made lunch, checked my email and maybe run a brush through my hair. Maybe. Anyway, I have lunch packing down to a few minutes, but the contents within are still packed with care. This week was not nearly as "gourmet" or adventuresome as some weeks, but since many of you emailed saying you liked to see what I was packing, here's what was in the lunchbox this week:

Monday: a small container of crunchy dried fruit (that's the full bag in the photo, but one bag can be split between two lunches), some carrot sticks, a slice of watermelon, (leftover, no I am not up grilling in the morning thank you very much) chicken apple sausage, a lemonade, Yo Kids yogurt tube, and the mini Fig Newtons I caved and bought while we were at the market together.

Tuesday: (which for the life of me I cannot figure out why it keeps flipping on its' side when I load the photo that is right side up on my computer?!) featured cream cheese & jelly on whole wheat (cut with a star cookie cutter), organic bell pepper slices, carrot sticks, a tub of apple sauce, lemonade and those dark things up top (or on the right as the sideways case may be) are Trader Joe's Oreo O cookies (hey, I pick my battles when shopping with my three-year-old...).

Wednesday: today's lunch was meant to be easy on the wiggly teeth-- Boursin cheese spread on a a whole wheat wrap then cut into bite-sized pinwheels, lemonade, 2 yogurt squeeze tubes, a banana, bite-sized cheese crackers and bite-sized pieces of red pepper.

Thursday: the wiggly teeth are hanging in there and making biting difficult-- apple sauce, animal crackers (which came home untouched b/c he couldn't open the package), tiny carrot "pennies", a yogurt tube, raisins, and pretzels (also untouched) along with cream cheese & jelly on whole wheat (I know I am really pushing the limit sending in heart-shaped sandwiches).

Friday: lemonade, Trader Joe's fruity flakes (which I think I like more than my kids), another Yo Kids squeeze tube of yogurt, chunks of watermelon, goldfish, a whole wheat wrap with Boursin cut into pinwheels, and some chickepa salad that is high protein and I know that he likes.

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