Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today, I'll be digging out of laundry and doing the re-entry gig after our weekend getaway to relive my husband's youth. The kids thought the (grimy) college dorms were awesome. I would have to say that two of the highlights of the trip were the afternoon we spent at our friends' absolutely beautiful Vermont spread where the kids frolicked in their pond all afternoon, and the visit to my husband's aunt and uncle who served us homemade cider with a splash of homemade sour cherry juice upon arrival to their farm. Such a treat.

I can't share a recipe for this sort of thing...because really, what's the point unless you have an apple and cherry orchard? But, I do have some simple recipes to share for dinner solutions on busy summer evenings that are tried and true these first two weeks of summer at our house. But first, several loads of laundry...

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