Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tea Time

My husband keeps asking if I’ve come up with my resolutions yet. Nope. This year I am taking a pass on writing them down. Instead, I am trying to be more mindful, overall, not only in regards to my body but also with my mind and my—at the risk out sounding too tutti frutti--spirit. Drinking more liquids (achem, other than coffee and wine) was an easy habit to adopt. But there’s only so much water I want to drink. And so, I’ve created a sort of “penny candy shop” for myself. Each of these hermetic jars holds a variety of my favorite teas. The one on the left is full of herb teas, and the one on the right holds a reserve of green and black teas for when I need a pick me up. They’re festive on the counter, they remind me to stay hydrated, and my children have started enjoying picking out a bag for their own a cup of tea in the afternoons. It’s all so civil. Let’s see if we can keep it up!

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