Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still working on my summer groove...

Apologies to my friends who have checked in for a quick, easy, family-friendly meal idea and have found updates on this blog few and far between the past couple weeks. With school getting out, family coming into town for visits...and camp not ramping up until next week, I've found my free time in short supply. (Nevermind that I seem to emit some sort of subliminal message that says "come to mommy! insist on jumping in my lap! pound on my keyboard! in fact, just run off with my 'j' key for fun why don't you?" whenever I retreat to my office...)
I trust that none of you has been starving, and hope to be back in the groove of regular meal idea updates next week. Oh, and announcing the winner of the re-naming contest too! In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend celebrating the dads in your life!

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