Monday, April 13, 2009

I got to enjoy quite a feast before heading off to CPR class tonight (a requirement for my upcoming Stroller Strides classes, not just for a good time): lamb & pistachio meatballs, the cumin/cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, and the Israeli cous cous with spinach and Feta. Delish. I gave myself a little pat on the back before trotting off to blow hot air into dummies. I’d intended to post the recipe for the meatballs and yogurt sauce when I got home, but instead am sitting here at midnight watching Noggin with a wheezing toddler in my lap, hoping the medicine works….looking at a sleepless night ahead. Assuming I can keep my eyes open, I promise to post some new recipes tomorrow.

I love hearing that so many of you have had such success (and enjoyed!) recreating these meals. It feels great to have a repertoire of some easy meals that are healthy and interesting, doesn’t it?

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