Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mall walking-- minus the white Reeboks

I love to cook. I also love to eat. I’m not the skinniest mom I know, but I feel good about my body. Post-baby? Not feelin’ too hot. But now it is strong, a little svelter and always able to keep up with my two little boys. A “mom-a-licious” mom has got to feel good about the way she looks if she’s going to be upbeat for her husband, her kids, and (most importantly) herself. For those of us who are trying to be more financially prudent, gone are the days of hiring a sitter so we could get to the gym. My answer to the no sitter/booger-fest gym daycare dilemma has been Stroller Strides classes. While I sometimes cringe at the fact that I spent my winter working out in the mall, you cannot beat a rigorous hour long workout alongside other health-minded moms, with our babies or kids in tow. I didn't let a little snow, sleet, rain or blowing wind get in my way. Besides, Spring is just around the corner, and once the sun comes out for good these fabulous classes will be held outside in Greenwich, Stamford, Rowayton, and (drum roll) New Canaan too!

Yours truly is spending her Spring Break getting trained as a Stroller Strides Instructor. In May, I’ll be bringing these mommy & me exercise classes to Waveny, to encourage local moms to get (or stay) in shape...without breaking the bank. Tune up those jogging strollers!

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