Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday Feast in a Snap - A Simple Make Ahead Plan is here!

It's here! Let the "bonus hours" rack up!! After many, many requests, I finally found enough time to sit down and write-up my annual plan for a {sane} Thanksgiving feast. {Because it didn't do you any good if it was all in my head, now did it?} I know that you're thinking: "A calm, planned-for-me Thanksgiving cooking plan?! Sign me up!"

I love Thanksgiving. And part of the reason is because I get a lot of my shopping and cooking done ahead of time. No one wants a stressed out mom or hostess. 

So, if the thought of hosting the feast overwhelms you, or you're picturing a Thanksgiving spent captive in your kitchen, then my instantly downloadable booklet is for you. 

Or maybe you're wondering what delicious sides you can make ahead of time and bring to Aunt Melba's as your offering? Pick one from my plan that is sure to please! I've got you covered with  plenty of simple recipe ideas, each with its own done-for-you shopping list. 

This instantly downloadable program will take you through everything from brining your turkey to making {the best} homemade gravy...

simple cranberry sauce to

more unique, but equally easy {and crowd pleasing}, side dishes like savory roasted apples and

a super-healthy, cranberry-pecan quinoa salad with orange vinaigrette.

And since someone always wants decadent potatoes, I teach you how to make my favorite potato and root veggie gratin

alongside my healthier maple mashed sweet potatoes.

And, of course, a nice green veggie to round the meal out-- your choice of two of my favorites that are simple to make-- shredded Brussels sprouts or green beans in a mustard vinaigrette.

The booklet {which will come to you as an instant download from SendOwl} includes:
  • done-for-you shopping lists for the entire feast, as well as individual shopping lists for each recipe {which people say is probably the most valuable part of this program... talk about a time-saver!}
  • a done-for-you list of pantry items {so you can stock up ahead of time... like now, before the holiday grocery marketing rush!}
  • a done-for-you list of my go-to cooking equipment {plus each recipe details the cooking equipment and baking dishes you'll need, so you're totally organized}
  • a step-by-step, day-by-day, cooking plan leading up to the feast {to keep overwhelm in check! repeat after me: "I will be a guest at the feast too this year"}
  • a simple cooking/reheating plan for the day of the feast {so you get to relax and enjoy the holiday too-- remember, no frazzled mom/hostess this go round!}
  • and, a set of my all-time favorite holiday recipes {culled down from binders and binders of ideas to a doable # of family favorites: dry turkey brine, homemade gravy, simple stuffing, port-apricot cranberry sauce, maple mashed sweet potatoes, potato and root vegetable gratin, cranberry-pecan quinoa salad, savory roasted apples, and shaved Brussels sprouts or green beans with mustard vinaigrette}

P.S. Once Thanksgiving is so stress-free, you might also like to check out the "Stock Your Freezer in a Snap" program, which helps you feed your family well on the busiest of {non-holiday} days. Cheers to "bonus hours"... even around the holidays!

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