Sunday, June 10, 2012

simple homemade berry syrup

Cobbling breakfast together has sort of been the norm these days. And most days, I do a pretty darn good job. But, instead of winging it and hoping for the best, I am kicking our summer off by starting a 3-week real food "cleanse" (meaning focusing on putting only good stuff in my body, to allow some of the bad stuff to exit) tomorrow. Mantra #1: be organized and have good foods on hand and prepped. And yes, my family is coming along for the ride. I'll be augmenting the children's meals (and Jeff's if he wants), basically using what I am having as my "main" as their side, since they certainly do not need to de-puff. So, today's breakfast might have been the last pull-it-together for a while. Unless, of course, I plan to have this awesome, simple, "syrup" on the week ahead's menu.

Organic Berry Syrup

organic strawberries
organic raspberries
raw honey (optional)

In a Cuisinart, pulse the fresh berries, and raw honey if you are adding it for sweetness, until pureed. Syrup can be used as a waffle or pancake topping, drizzled over yogurt or fruit salad, or added to smoothies for sweetness. Enjoy! 

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