Tuesday, June 12, 2012

rainy day fun

I know I heard a collective groan from my local friends when we all woke up today... so much for the beach/park/playground/hikes we had planned.  Here's how we I stayed sane this (latest) rainy summer day...

A morning "tea party". (We ate the treats before I got a photo. Sorry. You'll have to go get your own, or use your imagination.) Then a trip to the library to stock up for the week.

A towel picnic.

And, a scavenger hunt. I learned my lesson last time. This list had 30 items that are way more creative (and time-consuming). And, while they excitedly hunted, I curled up with some tea and relished my new book, Every Bite is Divine.

How do you fellow moms stay sane create fun on rainy summer days?

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  1. thought some of my mom friends might like this indoor scavenger hunt list to simply cut and paste...


    1. Jack’s favorite book
    2. Ollie’s favorite book
    3. 1 push pin
    4. 2 necklaces (any style)
    5. a pink marker
    6. an athletic medal
    7. 20 stars on a piece of white paper (10 in one color, 10 in another color)
    8. 1 plastic fork, 2 knifes and 3 spoons
    9. 3 paper clips; one turned into an “S”, one turned into an “O” and one turned into an “N”
    10. a dinosaur slipper (left foot please)
    11. letter to Santa from Jack—with an items he would really want
    12. letter to Santa from Ollie – again, with a real item!!
    13. 2 half-eaten cookies
    14. a dump truck
    15. 7 small marshmallows
    16. signatures of everyone on your team, circled in red
    17. a small lego battleship
    18. a lego airplane
    19. a lego wheeled vehicle with 1 passenger wearing a white helmet
    20. the best pipe cleaner flower your team can make
    21. the best pipe cleaner snake your team can make
    22. 2 golf tees
    23. 4 shells (must all be different sizes and/or colors)
    24. 4 tea bags, in your favorite flavor
    25. x-marks-the-spot (find it or make it)
    26. a poem about a rainy summer
    27. 2 feet of toilet paper (measure it out)
    28. 2 popsicle stick magic wands
    29. a flashlight
    30. 5 paper snowflakes

    If you can find all of these items before 6pm, you will win a prize!!!


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