Wednesday, August 17, 2011

family time

I'm taking August off! I'm reading, gathering recipes, and thinking clearly about how I want to feed and nourish my family this coming school year. Once the kiddos get back on a school routine, I'll get back to writing. In the meantime, we're busy climbing mountains, collecting bugs (them, not me), reading (lots), riding bikes and enjoying these last few weeks of summer together. I look forward to continuing to share my ideas for simple, healthful, family-friendly recipes with you all again in Sept!

If you want to be in the loop when I start writing again, feel free to subscribe to full plate and my posts will come to you via email. You can do so by scrolling down right under the photo of the kids making pizzas here on the right hand side. (Don't forget to check your inbox for a confirmation email from feedburner.)

And, even though there won't be any new recipes the rest of this month, you can always scroll down the right sidebar here and get recipes by type, or search for something specific like lunchbox ideas or where I get the containers that go into our lunchboxes...timely things like that. Plus, since I'm not completely unplugged this month (and it's ridiculously addictive), there's usually some activity over on the meals in a snap facebook page.

I hope all of you have a fabulous rest of August and I look forward to cooking simple, healthy, family-friendly meals with you all again in Sept!

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