Monday, March 18, 2013

the kitchen is 99.9% ready!... and what's saving me meal-wise this week

Amazing, isn't it? Truly the most gorgeous kitchen I could have ever imagined.
I am so, so excited. 
Our contractor asks if I "want to wait until it's done to take pictures?"
Nope, too excited. 
So anyway, it's going to be a little quiet on the blog these next 2 weeks, as

I deal with this (much less sexy than the almost-done kitchen pic, huh?)...

quickly fill this (enjoy the cubby view while they're serene)...

and spend some Q time with my boys, who are on break. Once we have the art cubbies, and the pantry, and all the other amazing new spaces full I'll take pics and share them with you. Promise.

Oh, and on the food front, things aren't too shabby either. Random, yes, but delicious. All of the odds and ends (like 4 different 1/4 packages of pasta) are being put to good use so I can start fresh with all of my pantry essentials in the new digs.

And there's the freezer to empty out too, before we move back. In fact, I don't plan to cook at all this week.... which is sort of a shame, given the swell new digs. Truth: maybe I'm a little afraid to get anything dirty? That'll last about 3 days... in the meantime, we're sitting down to my oven-baked meatballs tonight, kale pesto (in some iteration) another night, and a tub of turkey chili, which will make good use of the tortillas in the fridge. Alright, so back in new recipe action soon. Can't wait to shoot my simple recipes from the brand-spanking new kitchen!!

Oh, and don't forget that I am sharing some of my make-ahead meal tips and simple recipes as a speaker at the Family Dinner Conference in NYC on April 18. I would love to meet some of you live if you can make it!!

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  1. Your kitchen looks really lovely and so welcoming. I can just imagine when everything is put in its proper place and all the empty spaces get filled up - it'll be wonderful. Will look forward to your recipes, for sure. I am a single working mother. So, it's really tough to cook for just my daughter and myself with limited time. I scour the net for quick & easy recipes for two! So, I sincerely appreciate your blog and sharing. Thank you!


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