Sunday, January 13, 2013

sneak peek at our construction project!

So many of you have emailed me or stopped me on the street recently asking how our construction is going that I know it's time to share a sneak peek! Just a quick one though. This (use your imagination!) will be the new site of many a delicious family dinner. And, everyone keeps asking what I am most excited about? Working appliances will be awesome (remember me cooking on one working burner for several months?! I think it was about 7 months?). But, even more exciting is the chance to face whoever is in the kitchen when I am cooking. I cannot wait for the island so I don't always have my my back to everyone when I am at the counter. That is what I am most excited about.

And this is what my kids are most excited about-- a funny alcove being transformed into a cubby area filled with all sorts of materials they can use to "create things". This project is really, really special. I feel so thankful that we've been able to embark on it, and cannot wait to whip up and share new recipes for you all in the transformed digs.

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