Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(more) simple breakfast ideas for active days ahead!

Summer vacation is just around the corner. I know this because my kids have started a vacation countdown, and with the warmer weather and green grass, I find myself wandering from being super organized and having a frittata at the ready, to taking a much more laissez faire attitude. Lately, I've been coming downstairs precariously close to when the school bus will be arriving, and scrounging up whatever we have on hand to make sure everyone heads off to play/work/school with a happily full belly. Here are three of our recent favorites...

(above) Van's 8-Whole Grain frozen waffles smothered in Oikos Greek yogurt and fresh, organic strawberries.

Oven-baked quesadillas: tortillas stuffed with the last of the leftover scrambled eggs + spinach + cheese (talk about making a small amount of leftover eggs go a looooong way...) baked at 350 until warmed through, lightly browned and crisp. Sliced into wedges and served with whatever fruit was kicking around.

And my recent favorite: green smoothies. I literally have been enjoying one a day since my clean eating week! Each day they are different, depending upon what fruits and veggies I have on hand. The one pictured above was made with: lime + fresh ginger + green apples + banana + ground flax seeds + Vega one protein powder + water. Mmmmmm.

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